This Man

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dear boys,

these pictures are from labor day weekend. it was our very last chance to get in a pool, but with it not being particularly hot and you both recuperating from a very bad cold we thought it would be best to not make your little bodies go through the strains of a day at the pool. it must be noted though, that after longingly watching the practically empty pool and heading over to the playground, you still got soaked by jumping in puddles until you were completely soaked from head to toe. we sweated it out in the car, kept the windows closed and the ac off when we headed home, cause not wanting you to get worse meant having you go home in just your undies.

but that’s not the real intention of this post. today i want brag about the man in these pics. the man i love. the man you love. our hero.

we always joke about the day when you’ll be at the age when anything and everything we say will “ruin your life”, but kidding aside, if you ever doubt the man you call daddy (for some inexplicable adolescent reason) i want to remind you of the father you have.

he wakes up every single morning, no matter what time you choose to wake him up at, to give you love, affection and attention. he gets down on floor to play, grabs a cape and foam sword to fight or just lays down and rubs your belly while you cuddle up on him….depends on whatever mood you wake up in.

he comes home every single evening to receive your hugs and kisses and suddenly gains two little shadows that follow him everywhere he goes. playtime, dinner and some more playtime then ensue. often times he also brings you two treats for after dinner.

he takes you two to the bathroom every single night to give you a bubble bath and plays some silly toddler tunes and sings along with you until you’re all clean again. he gets you into your pajamas, reads you the book of your choosing and hangs out with you two until your both off in dreamland.

he also loves love. he loves me so deeply and loves the love we share. he loves you two so much and is amazed at how hard you two love him. he loves how the love between the four of us keeps us so tight and together all the time. and he loves it when others love you two, too.

his pride for you knows no bounds, that he doesn’t care if he sheds a tear of happiness. and his patience has proven to be, by far, way stronger than mine when you test us. he works hard with the intention to give it all to you and he plays hard with you because he wants to show you the world in it’s finest form.

we are a lucky three.


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