Contagion and Mami

IMG_7435 IMG_7436 IMG_7438

so i’ve been missing, huh? last week was a hard one. some emotional turmoil had me uneasy all week and then nelson came home, as sick as ever. doting on him, handling the boys by myself, exhaustion taking over and a skin infection for my jonathan left me drained to the max. then saturday night came along and just as i put the boys down for the night, the chills took over and a fever started developing. it was my turn to get sick. i was very lucky that although it was sunday, our doctor sent over the prescription right away to the pharmacy and i was able to start taking the antibiotics before the infection really took its toll on me, but it was still so hard. i’ve never had tonsillitis before and i hope i never get it again. even now, i’m still exhausted, it’s so draining on your body. i thought i would even be able to catch up on blogging, but i wanted nothing to do with a computer.

the worst part was having to stay away from my babies. no kisses. quick hugs. having to shoo them away if they tried to get into bed with me. jonathan kind of understood and was happy that grandma and grandpa were here to help out, but poor brandon really suffered having to stay away. i hated having to hear his cries when nelson or my mom would take him away.

and you guys…..sunday was the very day that he started saying “mami” instead of “nani”!! i still melt every time he says it, and he says it a lot! it’s like he knows he’s been saying it wrong this whole time and so he keeps on saying it all day and all night! mami, mami, mami. you have no idea how badly i’ve been wanting to plant a billion kisses on those little lips of his, carry him and hold him the tightest i’ve ever held him. but it did help keep my spirits up and happy tears in my eyes.

so i know i have a lot of catching up to do and that i’m late on some posts, but this had to come first. my baby boy calling me mami. it’s the sweetest thing he could ever say.

p.s. it is getting increasingly more difficult to get a good shot of brandon as he is always on the go. that mixed with my poor health and low energy levels right now, make for lots of blurry/shaky pictures, but i had to use them. i didn’t take many pictures as it drained me, but he was saying “mami, maamii, MAAMII” in these pictures and it’s a captured memory i have to show off.


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