Jonathan at 4 Years 5 Months

IMG_7394 IMG_7400 IMG_7402

oh, jonathan! this month you battled impetigo, a stomach virus that lasted a week and a cold. you spent many a days cooped up in the house due to all we’ve been going through, but you’ve been amazing. trying. temperamental. rebellious. amazing. you haven’t skipped a beat.

you only have two pairs of jeans that fit you and i have bought you bigger sized sweats. so you’re now a size small in both shirts and pants. but pajamas, you need a size medium! you also got new shoes. sneakers and boots. size 11. my little giant.

after losing some weight during your sick days, you’ve happily gained it back and then some, eating all the foods you were deprived of. we’ve taken some steps towards getting you to not eat us out of a home. and speaking of eating….you made us leave your daddy’s holiday party before jewel, fred durst, mark mcgrath and several other performers rocked out on the stage. you ate a nickel. i immediately freaked out at the notion that you could have chocked, but you were fine…and had way too much fun being at the hospital.

you suddenly think that bedtime is turn-the-bedroom-into-a-dark-playground time. its not. but hearing your conspiring giggles with your little brother…well lets just say they make my mama heart melt. we may threaten to get you guys, but when we get a hold of you, it’s with a smile on our faces. you’re too stinking cute for our own good!

you’ve come home with two nursery rhymes memorized perfectly. jack and jill and humpty dumpty. we ask you to recite it all the time. i love how you say “dumbling down” even though you say all the other words perfectly. gets me every time. and you’ve become obsessed with the arts. you come home and ask for pen and paper, or crayon and paper, or markers and paper. it all depends on your mood. you draw these elaborate scenes and it amazes me how you draw the characters that are on your school’s entrance when you draw your school. how your windows have window panes. how if we’re holding pumpkins, you’ll color them orange. the way your mind grows in school is mind blowing.

you’re so excited for christmas. between decorating the house and checking out all the christmas displays in the stores, you’ve been more accepting of the fact that halloween is over. you’re also becoming aware that you will get gifts and every time it snows you ask if its christmas day. it will be soon little man.

and you’ve become a chatterbox! the whys are starting to make an appearance and our drives require lengthy conversations instead of jamming to the radio music. your questions and explanations surprise us. more often than not you get things we don’t realize you’re ready to get. and then i grab you and kiss you and hug you. my baby boy is growing up.


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