Jonathan at 4 Years 7 Months

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jonathan, it’s already march and i am just getting your february update up on the blog. in just a weeks time, it’ll be time to update you again. its been a big month for you and for us and i think i’ve been procrastinating on figuring out how to tell your story. i think i’ll still leave it for another post and just tell you about some other things i want to remember from this month.

you’ve really enjoyed getting more quality time with your cousins and friends. we’ve been fortunate enough to have seen them more often lately and i love seeing you interact with them. we’ve also enrolled you back in soccer classes, in an effort to get you around more children your age more often. you’re a completely different kid than you were a year ago. you are definitely a super soccer star!

this winter has been a doozy. but while i complain about the ice on the streets and begrudge the bitter cold temperatures, you are loving every single day. stomping on ice, leaving footprints on the soft snow and jumping in the freezing water melted snow puddles left behind. it has brought you joy and excitement during the short trips we take outside the home.

you’re bumping into everything and everyone. we lose our patience over it ’round these parts, but try to keep our cool because we know you’re imagination is working overtime during these moments. but still, stop hurting yourself and others!

you’re learning and obsessed with finding patterns everywhere and you amaze us with your smarts. you’re also accurately finding letters and letting us know which letter it is. it seems your short school day is really doing wonders on your little brain.

we’ve also somehow managed to control your game time without the tumultuous episodes. being able to handle hot button issues with you without one of us having to raise our voices has become an important skill i want to master and i’m happy to say we’re headed in the right direction.


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