Poconos Part 1

IMG_0989 IMG_1002 IMG_1014 IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1037 IMG_1043 IMG_1127 IMG_1153 IMG_1165

we planned and organized a family getaway and finally the day came to hit the road and head on to the poconos mountains for a relaxing weekend retreat. we were the first to arrive at the house, and once it stopped pouring rain we set out to discover the grounds we’d been dying to explore for a few months now.

gosh it was beautiful. and you’d think my city boys were born and raised on this beautiful lakefront property! throwing rocks into the grassy puddles, rolling around on the wet sand, trying to touch the fish in the lake and wanting the ducks to come close to them. i’ll admit nelson had to remind me a time or two that they were just doing what children do and that it was okay for them to do it.

we had such an amazing time with the rest of the family, but these first couple of hours alone on the property was the perfect start to an unforgettable weekend. there are so many images that i must post, that i will be back soon with more images of our family trip.


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