faces 001

my name is andrea. i’m met nelson in high school but we didn’t make anything out of our friendship until we were already in college. we got married in june 2006, had jonathan in july 2009 and then brandon in november 2011. we’re a very tight, affectionate and loving family.

when i’m not with them i’m probably pouring my heart out on the dance floor in an uplifting dance class. my professional training days are behind me, but i can’t live without dance. it’s my soulful place.

i started this fresh blog here, because time is going by way too fast and suddenly my babies are toddlers and preschoolers now. i want to remember as much as possible and get it all in one place. maybe one day they will go through these posts and see their life through my eyes. and in this little corner that belongs to me, my babies, no matter how old they get, will stay forever young.

so this is me. a happy wife. a fulfilled mother. a lover of the dance world. and these are the happenings with my boys. hope you enjoy.

image from our august family shoot, taken by sp photography.

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