As Summer Ends…

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as summer comes to an end, i find myself back here only to realize that it’s been 3 months since my last update and even longer since my last grow posts. the good news is, there was so much fun happening during all the time that i’ve been missing that there is much to catch up on. but with this blog really turning into our virtual photo album, i make no promises with timelines anymore, cause….well, clearly i don’t keep up!

so here are a few more images from our poconos trip in june i had always intended on using for my boy’s grow posts with a few updates.

i last updated jonathan at 4 years 9 months. he is currently 5 years 2 months old now. his maturity has made its biggest jumps. he’s shown himself to be such a compassionate little boy and i am such a proud mama. he is by no means the most calm, cool and level headed boy out there, but i do think he’s perfect in his own way.

brandon’s last update took place at 2 years 5 months. he is now 2 years 10 months old. he’s taller, talking so much and always growing more and more into a little boy and refusing the stay the baby i miss so much. but he amazes me daily and proves to me that there is definitely something to be said about babies not keeping.

now, while the ages of the boys described do not correlate with the ages the boys are in the images posted above, i will say that i plan on going back in time to get this blog back in chronological order. once i’ve caught up, i hope to get back into the swing of things and perhaps even become a legit blogger! (ha!)

Brandon at 2 Years 5 Months

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my dear brandon, you my boy have grown. you’ve taken a very long nap or two, have slept in till way past 10am on more than one occasion and every time you wake i find a taller boy. to add insult to injury, all your baby chub has melted away.  a l l.  o f.  i t. (p.s. what’s your secret?) i never thought i’d find myself with a tall and thin babe, but that’s what you are and i am absolutely in love with the act of scooping you up, letting your long legs dangle below and squeezing tight that skinny frame of yours. needless to say, your clothes have been fitting a bit short on you so i’ve pulled out your brother’s old 3T clothing. the only catch is that your brother was a chubby 3T-er and while the length of the shirts seem right, they are just too wide for you. and your pants…..they have to be set to the thinnest button possible. i love your little waist, but we’re gonna have to invest in some slim fitting shirts for outings and family get togethers.

you’re eating habits have come full circle and you’re back to being a neat eater. you finish your meal or snack or drink and hand over the plate or cup exclaiming “finaash!” you pretty much finish all your food now, and you keep your tantrums away from meal times. but you’re also obsessed with our kitchen. well, you always were, but now more than ever. i swear some days i feel like i’m running a relay race from living room to kitchen to living room to kitchen again. if i dare make a detour to the bathroom, you make it clear you thought i was heading towards the kitchen and have me make a pitstop in the kitchen on the way back to the living room. i cannot imagine where you put that food since your baby gut is lacking. i also cannot imagine how we’re going to support you and your brother when you’re both teenagers!

your naps are still hit or miss. it’s rare that you don’t eventually fall asleep later during the day, but the rule is still the same. you cannot nap for more than an hour after 3pm. 45 mins after 4:30pm. or 15 mins after 5:30pm. your sleeping rituals have changed, though. a few days after your big brother got his bed, we went out and bought you the same exact bed. you are enjoying all the new space you have. the first night you slept in your bed it was as if you had been waiting so long for this upgrade and couldn’t wait to fall asleep. also, after story time is over and you’ve drunk your milk, daddy leaves the room and you fall asleep in your big boy bed all on your own. sometimes you demand to stay in your brother’s bed, sometimes your brother sneaks into your bed, but you always fall asleep without daddy having to be in there. nap time has changed, too. i no longer rock you to sleep in my arms. we cuddle up in your bed together and you drift away pretty quickly. its sweet and comfy and i usually feel guilty for not staying with you, but then i wouldn’t eat….or get a break, so i kiss you and cover you and let you sleep on your own.

your talking keeps on impressing us. there’s something new every day and you amaze me. you’re getting good with animals and people’s names, too.

another major development has been the bottle situation. we were really going to wait it out until your turned two and a half, but the nipple on your very last bottle broke. your father did not want to go out and buy more nipples or bottles and gave you cup of milk right then and there. i eventually convinced him to get you some sippy cups and it went really well for a couple of days and then suddenly you started getting upset about it. your milk intake has drastically reduced, but we’re staying strong. you usually outright refuse the cup but eventually always pick it up and drink at least half of the milk. i’m making sure you’re having more yogurt and cheese to offset this. come to think of it……it might be why you’re eating so much more…

we bought frozen the day it came out and you are obsessed with “let it go.” you have the best time getting your brother to make you giggle (which cause him to giggle hysterically…and then you giggle harder, too!) and you enjoy jumping on our backs, wrapping your arms around our necks and inadvertently cutting off our circulation. every single time.

Brandon at 2 Years 4 Months

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worst blogger ever? you’re probably right. but we’ve been redecorating the whole house and while i could’ve been blogging during my insomnia bought, i was too busy being super lazy and exhausted. but enough about me brandon, this post is all about you.

you’ve gotten so long, little man. you’re legs keep stretching and stretching and your new heights sometimes stop me in my tracks and take my breath away. you’re becoming a big boy before my very eyes and it’s so bittersweet. i’m lucky that you love you some good cuddling and your need to be with me keeps my heart afloat.

you’re eating has improved, although there is still room for improvement. you’re swatting less and the messes are smaller and smaller.

you’re not coming into our bed anymore now that we’ve figured out your comforter trick. however, your daytime naps have become unpredictable. you fight it, or get too distracted to sleep but by 4 or 5 or 6 pm you end up falling asleep. this is no good as it means that i can only let you sleep for about 15 minutes before having to wake you up or else you won’t want to go to sleep till after 11pm. it also means, that i might hop in the car for a drive after we’ve dropped off your brother at school in an effort to get you to nap earlier and get you back on schedule. except more often than not, when i’m trying to transfer you back home or to your stroller, you wake up. on the days i’ve been successful, your grandfather has been kind enough to either come home to stay with you, or pick your brother up from school so that you could nap and catch up on some sleep.  this is around the same age your brother stopped napping, but i’m hoping you’ll still take naps for longer than he did.

you’ve come well into your “terrible” two’s. you scream and yell and cry at a moments notice if you don’t get your way. i think it’s kind of cute and usually get a good chuckle in, but i also try to lessen my work load. for instance, those times i would let you walk along side of us for school drop off’s and other short walks, i now strap you in a stroller instead. there were too many times i would try to block you from running somewhere you weren’t supposed to and you’d throw yourself on the concrete floor. in below freeing weather. were more often than not, snow that had turned to ice. i’d much rather you sit in your stroller than break your face and give me a heart attack. sorry about that.

that being said, you’re terribleness really isn’t all that terrible. you have your moments, but you are still the biggest sweetheart around. when you put your hands on my face, when you give me kisses and “wasos” (abrazo/hug) of your own accord, and when you say new things you learned from your brother, it makes my heart grow and suddenly the face i’m staring at is that of an angel. i’m sure this going to become a problem for future mischief.

you’ve started giving in to your brother’s requests of getting into your mario costume now and love being included in his play. you also love making jonathan act silly to get the best giggles in. you also love asking whichever unsuspecting person is around to “come” grab them by their finger and try to get them to give you some kind of food from the kitchen.


Brandon at 2 Years 3 Months

IMG_9423 IMG_9431 IMG_9433

you’re getting so tall, brandon. your legs keep on growing and as they fall way past longer than they used too they’re also losing the last bits of baby rolls you have left.

you’ve also found your megawatt smile and flash those teeth of yours every time our eyes meet. especially when you get caught doing something you’re not supposed to. your whole face lights up and my heart skips a beat. so basically i melt when i should be correcting you.

you’re eating a bit better…but you’re getting a bit messier. while you’re eating you’re fine but then when you’re full, or would rather eat the food out of our plates rather than yours, you start transferring food from one plate to another….or swatting the entire plate off of the table altogether and then there’s food everywhere. that’s when we put an end to your dinner….until you come asking for “mas” food off of our plates.

you started coming into our bed again in the middle of the night, except you would bring your comforter with you. it’s about the cutest thing there is to wake up to in the middle of the night and we would just grab you and plop you in between us, until one day your pulled you dad out of bed and handed the comforter to him and crawled back into your bed. you’ve just been wanting us to tuck you in again. once we figured that out, you’ve been sleeping the whole night through in your bed again.

you’re talking keeps on expanding and you’re still repeating everything, but you’re also singing along to just about everything now. nursery rhymes, top 40, cartoon theme songs, you just love to sing along and we always end up stopping in our tracks and smiling cause it brings us pure joy. it does not get old.

you’re current favorite sayings are “c’mon”, “let’s go”, “i gotcha”, “jump-jump” and “again!”

you’re love for puzzles has you puzzling over and over again and you’re pretty good at it. you’re also getting really good at imaginative play and while you’re not taking your diapers off all the time, you do let me know when you want a diaper change (if i let the easy up get too heavy).

you’ve really fallen in love with both sheriff callie’s wild west and paw patrol. you also love cooking on your bbq grill and playing with your playskool super heroes action figures.

Winter’s Whitest Snow

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brandon’s never been snow’s biggest fan but its been growing on him lately, and while we have had plenty of snow fall this year, it’s always been accompanied with single digits or below zero temperatures. but this monday we awoke to the thickest, whitest, softest snow with normal winter temperatures and i just knew i had to throw on all of brandon’s snow gear to let him at it once we dropped jonathan off at school. [for the record, jonathan has not let the freezing temperatures stop him from frolicking in the snow]

brandon, stomped, dug and threw himself all over that gorgeous fluffy stuff and it was pure joy watching him enjoy it and getting to thoroughly focus on him. jonathan’s always loved the snow and he had plenty of fun snow days before brandon was born where he got all of our attention, so i was really happy to get this one-on-one experience for brandon’s first real snow playing day.

i’ve never seen snow this beautiful. there was no wind, the snow fell gently and never have i seen these new york trees so full of white. it was the most beautiful looking day i’ve ever seen. i’m so glad we enjoyed it outdoors.

*images taken with my iphone

Brandon at 2 Years 2 Months

IMG_8532 IMG_8548 IMG_8569

now that i’ve settled into how much you’ve grown, i’ve been able to appreciate you better at this stage. you’re so fun. you’re so happy. you’re so lovable…and you love you some affection.

you look chubbier one day and then tall and skinny the next. it’s weird, but i love both looks on you. the extra cheeks and arms means i get more skin to pinch and bite (gently!). on your skinny days i love to nuzzle in your neck. yet you always feel just right when you’re in the nook of my arm. aside from that, nothing much has changed.

you’re eating is still similar, with some days you eating a lot more than the last. you also still love stealing your dads food or mine.

the sleeping at night situation has much improved, thanks to the holiday week. between late or short or non-existent naps and late night parties, extra exhaustion hit and we were able to get you back on your nap schedule and sleeping instead of playing at bedtime.

you’re repeating everything. what your dad says or i say, whatever you hear on the tv, your speaking toys, but mostly anything you hear coming out of your brother’s mouth. this means a lot of it is in english, but when i try to teach you the same words in spanish you repeat that, too. i will make you bilingual yet!

this all of course means that your speech and vocabulary are expanding at a rapid rate and my worries have completely disappeared.

you’ve become very sociable with other children. you don’t hesitate to jibber jabber with them after a friendly “hi” and you always close off with a wave and a “bye”. you’ve also become more affectionate with your grandmother, however, you have pulled away from your grandfather. i think the fact that i’ve been gone so much, due to his hospital stays and doctors visits, has made you resentful of the time i’ve spent with him. but i know you’ll be back to your “lelo” (how you say guelo) loving ways in no time.

christmas and new years meant lots of time with new toys and family and fun. you loved it. it also meant lots of daddy time, and that was your favorite. you definitely pushed me away and would rather cuddle with your dad than me, but i got my brandon loving back when he went back to work and all is right with the world again.

Brandon at 2 Years 1 Month

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brandon, this month after turning two has not been an easy one. your mama has been an emotional wreck and the fact that you keep on growing makes me cry even more. you have growth spurts so often now that i can’t believe how tall you are. and you’re pretty heavy, too. 29lbs and 35 inches tall, you are now. you’re growing my baby boy. as much as it saddens me, i am also so happy for you.

your face is also starting to mature a little. i’m getting glimpses into the big boy and young man you will one day become. again, more sadness for the baby i’m losing, but so happy i get to watch your journey in life from the front lines.

the doctor saw that your four molars are coming in at the same time, which accounts for the fact that you don’t finish your meals anymore. but you still eat well enough for it to not worry us. plus you love to snack. and eat whatever me or your dad are trying to eat.

with so many things going on, you and your brother are having trouble getting back on track for bedtime. it usually takes about an hour of laying (or being wrangled back into bed) in the dark bedroom before you and your brother finally go to sleep at night. but you’re still usually napping in the afternoons right after we drop jonathan off at school.

you’re so smart. you’re recognizing some letters and know the difference between letters and numbers, even if you don’t know what exact number it is. and your still making great strides with learning your colors. you catch on so quickly to what your big brother says or does, too.

its so easy to fall in love with you. you make me fall in love with you all over, every single day. no one can resist you. even when you’re being shy. and your cuddles are ever so amazing. despite my complaints, having more of you to hug and kiss is pretty awesome.

christmas! or as you put it, nisnas! you love all things nisnas. trees and garlands and ornaments and santas. christmasy things make you happy. especially christmas lights. its no wonder your dad’s putting them up in every nook and cranny of this house!

you’re also starting to transition your love of toys towards superheroes. such a little boy you are. my little man cub.