Pre-K Stepping Up

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at the end of this past june, nelson and i attended our little jonathan’s pre-k stepping up ceremony. he sang the cutest little songs and recited the sweetest little sayings. our hearts swelled with so much love and pride and suddenly a whole school year’s worth of struggles proved to be worth it. somehow we got through the first year of school.

As Summer Ends…

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as summer comes to an end, i find myself back here only to realize that it’s been 3 months since my last update and even longer since my last grow posts. the good news is, there was so much fun happening during all the time that i’ve been missing that there is much to catch up on. but with this blog really turning into our virtual photo album, i make no promises with timelines anymore, cause….well, clearly i don’t keep up!

so here are a few more images from our poconos trip in june i had always intended on using for my boy’s grow posts with a few updates.

i last updated jonathan at 4 years 9 months. he is currently 5 years 2 months old now. his maturity has made its biggest jumps. he’s shown himself to be such a compassionate little boy and i am such a proud mama. he is by no means the most calm, cool and level headed boy out there, but i do think he’s perfect in his own way.

brandon’s last update took place at 2 years 5 months. he is now 2 years 10 months old. he’s taller, talking so much and always growing more and more into a little boy and refusing the stay the baby i miss so much. but he amazes me daily and proves to me that there is definitely something to be said about babies not keeping.

now, while the ages of the boys described do not correlate with the ages the boys are in the images posted above, i will say that i plan on going back in time to get this blog back in chronological order. once i’ve caught up, i hope to get back into the swing of things and perhaps even become a legit blogger! (ha!)

Kiddie Date

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we had a kiddie date with our lovely gaby a few weeks back at chuck e cheeses. the place was empty, the kids had fun and the food was good! to be fair, i was starving, but i had never eaten there before and i was pleasantly surprised. but i digress…

now, while i can assure you that brandon was not neglected and that he had a ton of fun with some of his favorite people, i just had to post these pics of jonathan wrapping his arm around his gabrielle.

oh, these two sure do love each other! i almost can’t take it.

images taken on mu iphone.

Jonathan at 4 Years 9 Months

IMG_3198 IMG_3199 IMG_3205

oh jonathan! my big, big boy! do you know that even though you’ve been at roughly the same height and weight for a little whiles now, your size still manages to surprise us?!?! i recently took out your old clothes that brandon is just starting to fit in to and realized that by the time you were his age, you had long gone outgrown that size already! i’m having a real hard time finding more pants for you and i’m also going to need to buy you some shorts, too now that summer is on the horizon.

you still have a tendency to overeat a bit. you still try to finish your brother’s plate of food if he hasn’t finished it by the time you’ve finished, but we’re still on top of you. you’re also getting better at not finishing if you are already full. your snacks also tend to be more carrots and apples than crackers or cookies.

i keep finding you have crept into bed with us at least once a week. i’m thinking not having a railing is the cause of this, cause let me tell you, your bed is waaay comfy. if they made it in king size, than i would have long ago started a campaign to convince your dad we need a new bed. you are also getting re-acquainted with falling asleep on your own. daddy reads you guys a book, tucks you in and walks out. you sometimes scream out to us to try to get us to fall asleep with you, but you know the deal and after another kiss and a fresh tuck you hang out in bed till you eventually fall asleep. where you sleep varies from night to night, between your bed and our bed, between sleeping alone and sleeping with your brother, it changes from night to night. but your dad and i enjoy the little extra time to work on things and hang out with each other.

you’ve become obsessed with nursery rhymes, even the ones i’ve never taught you. you especially love tuesdays, when you get music time at school. i always stick my chest out with pride when i hear you perfectly recite a song or rhyme you’ve just learned that day.

you’ve taken it upon yourself to be your little brothers soother. you’ve always been so caring with him but now it’s like clockwork. the second a cry begins, you walk over and sing to him, sometimes before i even get a chance to figure out whats wrong. also, now that the weather isn’t so miserable, you are well aware that going to the playground is a possibility and you love “running so so fast!” when you come out of school all sweaty and hot, i’m so happy you got that outdoor time.

*images taken with my iphone

Jonathan at 4 Years 8 Months

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jonathan! you gorgeous little specimen you. you’ve lost a little bit of chunk you had gained in the last couple of months. this weight looks good on you. not too chubby but just enough bits of skin to bite and pinch and tickle.

this new look is all thanks too me controlling your eating a bit. if i let you, you’d eat all day long. non stop snacking and finishing your plate, despite being full does not make for healthy eating habits. we’ve given you a limit on your snacks and taught you that it’s okay to stop eating once your full, even if there is still food left on your plate. we don’t even know where you got the idea that you had to finish your plate, but i’m happy to see that it’s an idea that’s seeing its way out the door.

we got you a new bed this month and suddenly you started finding your way into our bed in the middle of the night. i spoke with you about wether or not you liked your bed, but you assured me you did. and after a couple of nights you started sleeping through the night again in your bed.

you’re spelling everything, or trying to. you make me sound out all the new words or names of new friends and we work on spelling it out. it’s amazing. your drawings keep on getting better and better, too.

now that we’ve limited your video game play time to just the weekends, you’ve reacquainted yourself with your old stuffed mario bros toys. you also got a couple new ones as well and its all you want to play, all day long. you love to make it a family affair, too. it sometimes make me actually want to play with your angry bird toys again, but i try to comply as often as possible. unfortunately, i’m still responsible for disinfecting bathrooms and getting diner made.

you also love how we’re showering you with a bit more dedicated loving. the smile it puts on your face is something more that we love, too.

Jonathan at 4 Years 7 Months

IMG_9428 IMG_9429 IMG_9442

jonathan, it’s already march and i am just getting your february update up on the blog. in just a weeks time, it’ll be time to update you again. its been a big month for you and for us and i think i’ve been procrastinating on figuring out how to tell your story. i think i’ll still leave it for another post and just tell you about some other things i want to remember from this month.

you’ve really enjoyed getting more quality time with your cousins and friends. we’ve been fortunate enough to have seen them more often lately and i love seeing you interact with them. we’ve also enrolled you back in soccer classes, in an effort to get you around more children your age more often. you’re a completely different kid than you were a year ago. you are definitely a super soccer star!

this winter has been a doozy. but while i complain about the ice on the streets and begrudge the bitter cold temperatures, you are loving every single day. stomping on ice, leaving footprints on the soft snow and jumping in the freezing water melted snow puddles left behind. it has brought you joy and excitement during the short trips we take outside the home.

you’re bumping into everything and everyone. we lose our patience over it ’round these parts, but try to keep our cool because we know you’re imagination is working overtime during these moments. but still, stop hurting yourself and others!

you’re learning and obsessed with finding patterns everywhere and you amaze us with your smarts. you’re also accurately finding letters and letting us know which letter it is. it seems your short school day is really doing wonders on your little brain.

we’ve also somehow managed to control your game time without the tumultuous episodes. being able to handle hot button issues with you without one of us having to raise our voices has become an important skill i want to master and i’m happy to say we’re headed in the right direction.

Jonathan at 4 Years 6 Months

IMG_8585 IMG_8562 IMG_8612

jonathan, i can’t believe we’re already halfway to your next birthday! it seems time flies by even faster as the years go by.

you went through a transitional period this past month. your face matured and you’re looking older and quite handsomer, too. your one dimple is more pronounced and it melts me every single day. the hair on the top of your head grew out after it being cut too short, and i just love having your wavy faux hawk back.

we’ve been leaving you to sleep alone once brandon falls asleep. we sometimes have to go back in to give you a few kisses and prop all the available pillows on you, but you eventually fall asleep on your own without one of us having to be in the bedroom with you.

you’re obsessed with your christmas present from your uncle and us. you wake up and run straight towards the wii u and turn it on. it is not fun for us, having to start the day off with a tantrum or threats, but we are trying to make sure there is a limit for the console and that you don’t meet it.

and speaking of threats. you threaten us all day. surely something you picked up in school. if i say no “one more time” you might threaten “i’ll put you in a police car” or “i’ll stop being your friend” or “i’ll make you go to time out.” it’s a little trying on our nerves, but we’re trying to ignore it and hope this phase passes by quickly. you also wonder if every chuckle is really a laugh at you. it usually isn’t. but we make sure to make it clear that we’re not.

also, your affection has continued blossoming. the days your dad was home from work, i surely thought you’d abandon me for your dad. surprisingly, while you were very happy to have your dad at home, you still showered me with love. your dad was so happy to see you kissing up and hugging on me. i was too.